‘American Idol’ winner Candice Glover on ‘Lovesong,’ Mariah Carey’s support

Candice GloverIf you look back at this season of “American Idol” when it comes to the judges in particular, there is one moment that will definitely cause your jaw to fall on the floor. Let’s flash back to several weeks ago, when the judges and Jimmy Iovine all decided to pick who there top three contestants were. We don’t know whether it was producer manipulation or them just being out-of-their-mind crazy, but Mariah Carey is the only one that bothered to put Candice Glover on her list. Now, she is not only the winner of this entire season, but some of these other judges look and sound very, very silly when it comes to explaining how much their opinions matter.

Luckily, it does sound like Candice was able to find a positive, somehow, within this situation. She was a part of a Q&A with reporters on Friday, and explained how it was really this moment on the show that inspired her to prepare two of her best performances:

“I was definitely hurt at the fact that Mariah was the only one that picked me that week … But, that is how ‘Don’t Make Me Over’ by Burt Bacharach and ‘Lovesong’ by The Cure came about, because I decided that I needed something that would put me over the edge and show people why I was in the competition to begin with. At the same time, while it hurt, it also gave me a boost to do my best the next week.”

Candice also explained that she was hoping to have her album include some co-writes, but realizes that this is going to be a heck of a challenge given just how little time there really is to get this disc prepared before the tour starts next month and she suddenly has much less time. She is at least trying to stay positive despite not having much time to get this album ready, and says that her #1 priority is trying to ensure that the fans like what she does.

Candice may also be cheering for some of her fellow contestants this season, including Charlie Askew, Breanna Steer, and Nick Boddington. Why? Thanks to a change in the show’s rules, they are eligible to be back for more next year.

Photo: Fox

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