Survivor 45 episode 6 sneak peeks: Kendra wants revenge

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Leading up to Survivor 45 episode 6 on CBS Wednesday night, we have some new sneak peeks courtesy of CBS.

So what do we know now about what lies ahead here? Well, for starters, Kendra is none too pleased about being blindsided at the new Belo tribe — not that this is all that much of a surprise at this point. This is someone who thought she had something with Emily and Brando, and that they were going to take out Drew. That didn’t happen.

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In a new sneak peek over here, you can get a better sense of why Emily chose to stay with Drew and Austin, as she felt more like a part of a team with them than she has at any other point in the game. She apologized to Kendra for lying to her, explaining that she didn’t want Brando to know what was going on. Kendra is playing it cool on the surface, but in reality, she wants revenge on Emily.

Is this a mistake? Well, we would argue so, mostly due to the fact that Drew and Austin are still the bigger threats. It’s okay to want vengeance on Emily, but she alone can’t do as much damage as a duo … right? Well, it is something that you have to think about for now.

As for another sneak peek…

Well, you’re going to see that after the merge, Sifu is going to be super-extra when it comes to his enthusiasm and antics at camp. We do think he’s trying to boost morale, but it could also get grating. Also, remember that he’s already been a target. Isn’t this going to be setting himself up for more trouble? This is something that, at least for now, you have to wonder about.

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