‘Mad Men’ episode 6: Take a look back before episode 8

Mad MenIf you want some good spoilers for “Mad Men” season 6, there is only one real answer for you: Good luck trying to find them. This is not a show that gives much of anything away when it comes to its content. However, at least the show’s creator in Matthew Weiner is kind enough to record reflection videos at times that give you a better insight into his brain.

In the latest one that he has created for this past episode “Man with the Plan,” you have an opportunity to get greater insight on what certain scenes mean, whether it be Peggy trying to stick up for Ted, Don’s plans to try and humiliate one of his affairs, or the helplessness that he and so many other characters feel in the closing minutes of the episode, as the revelation is made that Bobby Kennedy has been shot. There is one painful question that Weiner believes Don is asking himself in this moment: When is this going to stop? The answer, sadly, is that it may never stop.

As for how all of this carries over into Sunday night’s all-new episode “The Crash,” the simple answer is that this sense of emptiness that Don is feeling has to manifest itself in some way, especially now that the affair with Sylvia is over. Does this mean he will open up to Megan once again, or close himself off further? Something will have to give with him, just as Pete Campbell can only remain in his sad position for so long.

Granted, there is also an opportunity to see a few video clips (smashed together beyond comprehension, of course) for Sunday’s “Mad Men” if you choose to click on the link here.

Photo: AMC

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