‘Shark Tank’ revisited: Stella Valle, Geek Chic, LugLess, and Jones Scones

Shark TankThis is going to be a little bit different of a “Shark Tank” review than normal, and for a pair of reasons. First of all, the 8:00 p.m. episode tonight is actually one that was supposed to air in America earlier this spring, but was preempted due to coverage of the Boston Marathon bomber’s capture. It did still air in Canadian markets, and we have a specific look at every little thing that went down over at the link here.

What we are actually doing here is something similar to what we’ve done with “Saturday Night Live”: Since we’re seeing these products for the second time in watching tonight, we wanted to see if any of them had a good chance to make a second impressions upon us, or if time has changed our thinking. Therefore, we’re not going to go through the reaction of the sharks here so much as our own personal impressions of the brands.

Jones Scones – Still a good idea in theory, since there are not any real scones retailers out here in America, and of course we would picture in our head someone who looks significantly more British than he does. We would personally buy one of these is we were hungry, but there’s a difference between buying and investing.

LugLess – We know that airport luggage is a pain in the you know where, but there are not that many advantages to using this unless you want to plan it out so that your luggage gets shipped to your hotel. It is just not enough of an upgrade from your traditional baggage carrier to have us interested.

Geek Chic – Still, one of our top 5 favorite products of the season. If we had the money sitting around to spend on furniture, we’d love things like this that are made of real wood, can have a variety of functions, and perfect for any gamer who does not necessarily have a ton of space. Plus, there’s a cup holder for our wine while we play D&D.

Stella Valle – It’s still a smart idea to have a jewelry line meant for strong, empowered women, especially women in the military that may not like the aesthetic of what is out there. With this being said, we’re not the target audience here, and don’t know many people who are. A good deal still by the sharks, since the viral nature of the show can help the brand.

We will be back very soon with our full review for the finale, and you can watch a full preview for that here.

Photo: ABC

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