‘The X Factor’ UK: Does host Dermot O’Leary want Sharon Osbourne back?

X Factor NewsIt’s almost getting to be crunch time for the producers of “The X Factor,” both in Britain and here in North America, to actually name who their judges are going to be for an upcoming season. Unfortunately, we’ve really yet to see that much in the way of movement just yet.

While in America such names as former British-show judge Kelly Rowland and Disney darling Hilary Duff have been mentioned, the leading candidate overseas to replace Tulisa has been someone who certainly knows the show rather well: Sharon Osbourne. We still don’t know the logistics of this given that she already has a job on “The Talk,” but if she is being considered for it, odds are that she would have to give up what she’s doing on CBS.

One person who is still tragically in the dark on this matter (especially since he has to put up with these people on a weekly basis) is show host Dermot O’Leary. In speaking out specifically on this issue, the host said recently that

“I don’t know yet but if [Sharon] does come back she brings a lot. She’s a lot of fun, Sharon … My first-ever show I did with her she kicked off her shoes and walked off live in front of 15 million people on my first ever live X Factor show. So she’s a challenge, but I really enjoy working with her, she’s brilliant.”

Osbourne would bring in some potential fans of the original series, and the other positive is that she does have a different sort of energy than anyone else: She’s spry, completely honest, and will also spew out quotes from Ozzy. We had her for years on “America’s Got Talent,” and it was great television, because of her presence.

While all of this is going on in Britain, producers on the American show are still trying to figure out a number of big changes of their own. Here’s hoping everything all comes together in time.

Photo: ITV

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