Big Brother 25 live feed spoilers: What is the final four plan?

Big Brother 25
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We have now arrived at day 89 in Big Brother 25 — so what is on the itinerary for today? There will be some strategy talk — but, also people bashing each other.

We do think this weekend has been among the worst for that this season, but it’s an unfortunate thing to remember that smack-talk has always been ingrained in this particular show. It wasn’t as bad the past two seasons, but from seasons 19 through 22, it happened on an hourly basis. It’s one of the uglier parts of the game, but it is done sometimes through groupthink and to maintain common enemies. For the time being, it is clear that the common enemy is Cirie, given that this is who Jag and Bowie Jane want out. Matt would rather keep her, but he hasn’t exactly done anything to influence the vote. We tend to think he’ll just explain the situation to Cirie and hope that he can get her jury vote.

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What we are the most curious about at the moment is what’s going to happen when it comes to the final four. Are Jag, Matt, and Bowie going to remain a final three? Remember that Jag and Bowie have made a final two deal over the past two days as Matt distracted himself from the game with Reilly’s letter. It does still seem, at least for now, that the target here is going to be Felicia — or, at least that’s what is being said right now. If Jag sees an opportunity to get out Matt at final four and keep Felicia, he may decide to go for it.

Has Jag done himself any favors with jury management? Hardly, but at the same time if he goes to the end with Bowie, who is really going to want to give her the money?

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