‘Doctor Who’ season 7 finale spoilers: ‘The Name of the Doctor’ and return visits

Doctor WhoWhat familiar place is going to turn up during the “Doctor Who” season 7 finale? Let’s start this article out with a warning for minor spoilers, mostly because we do not want to ruin the fun for anyone out there hoping to be genuinely surprised.

There are some very cool things coming up for Saturday’s “The Name of the Doctor” finale which we will have a full review for by this time tomorrow. For one, there will be time travel! You always have to celebrate that, right? Not only that, but there are going to be secrets shared from the past of both The Doctor and Clara as the two finally start to figure each other out. (Admittedly, they still have a ways to go before they are completely there.)

Doctor WhoWhat is perhaps the most welcome sight to us in the new photos that we have here (courtesy of BBC America) is the appearance of Gallifrey, a certain home planet for The Doctor that has been touched on a few times over the course of the series’ run. As for what is going on here (save for the image attached here), we really cannot say without giving away a potential spoiler. Nonetheless, executive producer Steven Moffat has promised an hour full of game-changing moments, including an inside look into The Doctor’s past unlike any that we have seen thus far. There also will be some sort of template started up for season 8, which is one with a great air of mystery about it given that we don’t know the future of Matt Smith on the show. (Sad face.)

Want more from Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman about the end to this season? This is where we come in! Be sure to check out this link, and there is also more content linked to that, including promos and sneak peeks.

Photo: BBC

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