‘NCIS’ season 11 spoilers: Will Colin Hanks return for more?

NCISFor those of you who really appreciated the run of Colin Hanks during the final episodes of “NCIS” this season, we come bearing some pretty fantastic news. The “Dexter” guest star will be back for some more action when the series picks up in September.

This news was confirmed via executive producer Gary Glasberg, who, despite the show just ending, already has the terrible pressure of trying to figure out just where in the world he wants the story to go from here. Speaking in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, he did his best to tee up the plot:

“Yes, you’ll see him in the season opener. And I have to tell you, Mark Harmon just loves Colin Hanks and if — we’ll have to see how this story unfolds and where it goes and we can talk again as we get closer to the season premiere, but he’s a fun guy.”

Of course, there is an interesting dilemma when it comes to Hanks: He’s such a cool guy to have around that you want to keep him, but characters like his have an expiration date unless you find a way to change it around. So you basically have to find an interesting use for him that gives him a chance to end the story, or else lose some of the impact that came when he first graced the show to begin with.

Is this scoop not enough for you? In some cases we get it, considering just how intense the season 10 finale was. Luckily, we’re hear for you just in the same way that there are a million “NCIS” repeats airing around the world in syndication. If you want to see some more of what’s ahead for some of the other characters, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: CBS

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