Gen V season 1 episode 8 (finale) spoilers: After Cate’s choice…

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As we inch closer to the Gen V season 1 finale on Prime Video next week, it absolutely feels like Cate has to be front and center, right? She is someone who has the clear potential to be one of the most powerful villains in the entire universe, largely because of her powers. If she can convince someone to do whatever she wanted, theoretically she could be able to defeat even Homelander! There are not many characters who could really say that.

At this point, we certainly know that this character is capable of a great deal. She has, after all, convinced Shetty to take her own life and in doing that, shown that she is rather different from some of her classmates when the dust actually settles. You have to imagine that this is going to play a pretty major role in the finale and a possible season 2 … right?

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While of course co-showrunner Michele Fazekas could not dish on everything tied to this character’s future in a new interview with TVLine, she did indicate that there is a LOT coming up with Cate:

It completely sets everyone on a different trajectory. For so long, Cate and Marie had so much in common because of their sort of similar history. Cate is revealed as having betrayed them, but had started to sort of earn their trust again. But I think it sort of shows how damaged they are, how damaged they’ve all been by Vought. And so, this is the outcome, and I don’t even necessarily blame her entirely for the choices that she makes, because this is what was done to her.

Of course, moving forward we do 100% imagine that there are going to be some major trust issues between Cate and the other characters, especially when it comes to where they go from here. How can God U even exist at this point? There is no Dean, Professor Brink is gone, and we really haven’t seen that much of the rest of the staff.

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What do you most want to see over the course of Gen V season 1 episode 8 for Cate?

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