‘Best Ink’ season 2, episode 7 review: Is a DJ Tambe – Teresa Sharpe finale inevitable?

Best InkWe don’t quite know if there has been a reality competition since season 6 of “Top Chef” where the final two have seemed as obvious as with “Best Ink” this year. Are there a number of great artists left? Sure. If we were a tattoo guy, (which we are not) we’d probably trust everyone left to do a pretty fine job with it.

With that being said, it’s still pretty obvious that DJ Tambe and Teresa Sharpe are the best of the best, and if either leaves before the finale, you can tattoo on us a picture of our jaw hitting the floor. Teresa’s only had one week where she wasn’t in the top for an Ink Challenge; DJ’s only had two. Neither has ever been in the bottom three, and Brittany’s the only person left with an Ink Challenge victory to her name.

We don’t want to spend much time talking about Derek Rubright’s elimination, mostly because in his mind he’s off somewhere believing that he really won the competition and his elimination never happened. The guy probably comes across great to clients, since he is confident that he could turn any canvas into the Mona Lisa. For a competition? It’s not so great. The guy’s elimination was a long time coming, and not even his reaction to it (proclaiming that he was treated unfairly) was surprising.

Instead, let’s look at the three artists who have a genuine shot of actually getting into the finale and playing spoiler to Teresa and DJ following this animated-themed week.

Alli Baker – She’s a better artist than she gives herself credit at times, but this week showed some of her flaws. She’s not strong when it comes to thinking on the fly as many of the other artists, and even when she does a good job, the journey to get there is not always worth the ride. Odds of making finale: Low.

Brittany Elliott – Probably the most-likely third finalist. She’s had a few stumbles, but mostly good performances in the challenges. She also comes across as likable, flexible to different styles, and consistent enough to not have us worry week in and week out. When you look at the three remaining not named DJ or Teresa, these are good qualities. Odds of making finale: High

Jerod Ray – An interesting underdog choice. If flash challenges mean anything, the guy has won two of them (more than anyone else). On the flip side, he’s also been in the bottom more than anyone else. It’s either a home-run or a disaster in waiting for Jerod, but we think he has an edge over Alli strictly in that he doesn’t seem to get hung up on anything. Odds of making finale: Moderate.

Do you think that Teresa and DJ are almost-obvious finalists, and do you think that anyone left is really going to be able to defeat either one of them? If you do want to read more news related to the show, the best way to do that is at the link here.

Photo: Oxygen

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