ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 3 spoilers: Shonda Rhimes on Olivia Pope’s revelation

ScandalAs if “Scandal” was not a shocking-enough finale on Thursday night, the producers went ahead and shook things up yet again with one of the craziest endings possible: The revelation that Rowan (Joe Morton) is the father of Olivia Pope.

So why was this specific moment chosen? Speaking to Entertainment Weekly on this very subject, a tight-lipped Shonda Rhimes explains that one of the primary reasons for this revelation was a way in which to give even more dimension to a character that to this point, has remained very mysterious beyond just what she does for a living and who she sleeps with:

”It wasn’t just a cliffhanger. We knew that when we were headed towards this back-nine we had to figure out what the end was going to be … I wanted to platform a moment where you really begin to understand who Olivia was and why she is the way she is.”

As you would expect, the fallout from this moment along with the public leak that Olivia is Fitz’s “other woman” is going to be enormous, which Rhimes knows thanks to having the opportunity to already be in the writers’ room for a few weeks preparing for the season ahead.

When it comes to another important moment, let’s just say that Quinn being awesome has its ramifications, and her move to destroy the mole will come back early on next season. This is a woman that has changed dramatically while under Huck’s wing, but the question you have to ask yourself is whether or not change is always good.

Have you recovered yet from the “Scandal” finale craziness? As you start to do so, hopefully the review here will eventually start to seem a little bit more commonplace.

Photo: ABC

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