Adam Sandler tells Jay Leno to ‘go to Fox’ … but will he?

Tonight ShowAnd to think that Jay Leno had almost found a way to get out of the headlines in 2013, only to have Adam Sandler of all people try to drag him back in. The actor was on “The Tonight Show” on Thursday night in an effort to promote his new movie “Grown Ups 2,” which we refuse to talk about in any way other than acknowledging that it does, in fact, exist. (What we will talk about is why in the world Sandler had on an old Shaquille O’Neal Lakers jersey over a grey-and-red shirt. Is this what fashion is coming to?)

During the interview, Sandler was asked about whether or not he was starting to settle down a little bit more now that he is growing older, and Sandler was quick to fire back at him, asking Jay if he is about to do the same now that he is retiring, or if he is thinking about going over to Fox with a late-night show starting at 11:00 after the local news.

While Jay was quick to try to temper the excitement from what Sandler said, there are a pair of very interesting things to pick up on from this discussion.

1. What did you think about Jay’s statement that he is “stepping aside” rather than actually retiring?

2. Jay did not exactly say that it would never happen in his deflection of the question.

In the end, Fox may consider Leno at some point, but we can’t see it as a good fit given that the network tries to skew a little younger, and affiliates have held pretty firm in an attempt to keep their own programming after the local news. If they wouldn’t take Conan O’Brien, who skews younger and was hot after the “Tonight Show” fiasco, we don’t see them taking Jay.

Meanwhile, Seth Meyers recently talked about his own hosting change with “Late Night,” as Jimmy Fallon gets set to take Leno’s place starting early next year.

Photo: NBC

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