‘New Girl’ season 3 spoilers: What’s next for Nick and Jess; Merritt Wever’s return

New GirlThe dust is finally starting to settle on “New Girl” season 2, and thanks to that, there really is nothing better to do now when it comes to the show than look ahead to what is hopefully a future of silliness. We have a relationship, a failed wedding, and Schmidt suddenly finding himself in a position that he has probably dreamed about, but never actually wanted in reality: Having to choose between two women.

In turning specifically to Nick and Jess, the writers made a clear choice to give Zooey Deschanel and Jake Johnson’s characters a specific moment at the end of the season. Rather than have them break up and put us in a position to watch them scramble, we had an opportunity to enjoy a happy ending for a change. However, will it really stay that way in season 3? Speaking to E! News, executive producer Brett Baer teased that one of the issues coming up for the show will be how Nick continues to reconcile his own insecurities with being in a relationship with someone like Jess, who clearly has a score of problems of her own:

” From the very beginning, what we’ve always said about all of these characters, and particularly the Nick and Jess relationship, is these people have to grow into their adult selves before they can have any relationships with each other …. They all have to evolve to be the best people they’re capable of being for there to be a chance. I think that now [Nick and Jess] are in a relationship with each other, I don’t think that those problems or dilemmas change. I think that those are the dynamic of anybody being in a relationship, is that you’re always confronted with big questions about that person that you have from the time you met them. I think that Nick is who he is; he’s the person that’s always going to get in his own way. There is a streak of self-sabotage in him that’s always going to be a part of his character and it will be interesting to see how he and Jess deal with that … The two of them can continue to grow and develop together as they try to be in a relationship, if that is in fact what ends up happening.”

On a different (but also extremely welcome) note, Baer makes it clear that the awesome Merritt Wever, who plays Schmidt’s love interest Elizabeth, could return for more episodes depending on her “Nurse Jackie” commitments:

“She’s such a gifted actress. The honest to God’s truth is even today we’re sending e-mails around. The fact is we think she’s terrific and she’s been an amazing addition to the show. We love her and I think audiences are enjoying what she’s doing on the show. She’s such a great addition and in any world where we can make that happen, that’s what we want. Obviously there’s a little bit of a scheduling issue. We’re not sure what’s happening with Nurse Jackie right now or what her responsibilities are going to be there, but in any world in which we can bring Elizabeth back to the show we would in a heartbeat. We love her.”

We just love the show above all else, so we welcome any future opportunities to see Schmidt start to unravel or to watch Nick awkwardly moonwalk away from someone are certainly welcome.

There’s no more scoop for now, but if you are feeling nostalgic, hopefully our review of the finale will suffice.

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