ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 2 finale spoilers: A Billy Chambers mystery; season 3 hopes

ScandalIn our last bit of finale scoop prior to “Scandal” wrapping things up for the spring, there is such a myriad of things worth looking at when it comes to the story.

First, we turn to the sneak peek below, which deals primary with the new-found revelation that it is none other than the long-presumed dead Billy Chambers that is actually the mole. How in the world do Olivia and her team of gladiators deal with this one? We really do not have any idea at all, especially given that they have struggled for the past several weeks actually making sure to get the mystery of the mole correct. Also, is there any way that the fixer can fix this situation before season 3? It seems somewhat late in the game to have Chambers arrive on the scene, and then leave again within the span of an episode.

Here are a few assorted things that you can for sure expect to see unfold during the episode’s airing:

1. Olivia and Fitz’s progression – By the end of this, we should at least have a better idea if there is any sort of chance at a real future for both Olivia and Fitz after all they have went through.

2. How much has Quinn evolved? – Go back and compare her now to the woman you saw during the premiere. You may not recognize what you see.

3. Mellie’s not done making waves – Clearly, you know by now that the First Lady is not someone who is going to drift off quietly into the night, especially when it comes to her relationship.

Personally, we hope the show changes things around on their end for season 3, since we it’s clear what fans don’t want to see: The same posturing between Olivia and Fitz, and yet another story about a mole or an assassination. This show is much too juicy to repeat itself, or drag something out longer than it needs to.

Want more when it comes to “Scandal”? Here are a few more things to check out.

1. A sneak peek showing off what exactly is going on with Mellie and Olivia when they are in the same room.

2. A look at what could happen on the show beyond just the ending that we are about to get to this season.

Photo: ABC

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