‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 6 finale spoilers: Kunal Nayyar on Raj’s demons

RajWhile one of the major stories for Thursday night’s season 6 finale for “The Big Bang Theory” appears to be Leonard receiving a major job opportunity out of the country, it is starting to look more and more like this half-hour could be just as Raj-focused as it is with any other character. After being long neglected in favor of Howard, Sheldon, or any other character save for some self-deprecating story-lines, he’s really come into his own courtesy of his relationship with Lucy.

Unfortunately, to say that this relationship is perfect would be akin to saying that Sheldon is normal. There are so many problems with it here that it is difficult to even know where to start, beginning with the simple fact that Raj has a mental block that keeps him from talking to women unless inebriated. Meanwhile, Lucy has a block that keeps her from spending time with many people at all.

So how will these issues manifest themselves now? Based on what Kunal Nayyar told TV Guide recently, the insecurities and problems that have been front and center for much of Raj’s life are about to rise to the surface, and he can keep them at bay no longer:

“Things that have plagued him in the past come back right to the forefront … He’s in love with this girl and if he wants it to go further, he has to tackle his own demons. And he meets all of them head-on.”

Even with all of Raj’s efforts, though, there is unfortunately still no confirmation that he and Lucy will survive the finale. After all, rumor has it that one of the show’s couples will break up for now, but there is always still hope for the future. (Granted, Raj will probably be stuck dating Siri again unless he starts to break down his communication problem.)

Photo: CBS

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