‘The Bachelorette’ preview: Are these Desiree Hartsock’s top 3 contenders?

DesireeWith the season premiere of “The Bachelorette” still a week and a half away, there are probably some vocal sighs out there from fans who want to see the rose-peddling, the scandals, and the abs back on our TV screen again. So while we wait, why not engage in a little bit of armchair-quarterbacking?

We’ll start this off by saying that we don’t know any spoilers, and thus, there are none below. We don’t have any intention of doing that all season long, mostly because we genuinely think that there are other ways to have fun with this show beyond spoiling it (and drinking games). We don’t know anything about these people save for their bios online, but that’s not going to stop us from judging them, anyway. Luckily, in this case we’re judging the three guys who we think have a great shot at being with Desiree in the finale to be the one to bend down on one knee and ask that all important question.

Larry3. Larry Burchett – He’s a doctor, so that may or may not help since every person under the sun has a different opinion about dating someone who works at a hospital and has crazy hours. The positives here? Despite looking like our middle school science teacher, he does stand out from the crowd, is clearly intelligent, and could easily make a relationship work given the California connection.

Zack K.1. Zack Kalter – Our #1 guy simply has a lot going for him: He’s from California, knows the state well, and seems to be pretty genuine. He’s also an adventure-seeker with a job that strangely reminds us of Charles Dickens as a book publisher. Desiree strikes us as the sort of person who wants someone attractive, but also with substance … there’s a few guys on this cast who look like they have a bottle of booze and/or a pizza as the thought bubble over their head, so she’ll likely steer clear of them.

As for the rest of the guys, we’ll have the three worst contenders a little later on in the week. The full cast list (including photos, can be found just by heading on over here!

Photo: ABC

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