‘Supernatural’ season 8 finale review: Far from Heaven

SupernaturalWe have to start off this “Supernatural” finale review with the obvious: Who in the hell (it’s appropriate, given the context) knew that Crowley was such a “Girls” fan? We love how even in the darkest moment, this show manages to find a way to throw some joke completely out of left field into the mix. (There was a great reference to “Skyrim” and Aziz Ansari a little bit later on.)

The truth here was that “Sacrifice” painted an interesting picture of a series of battles: One to try and close the gates of Hell forever, and another to change the course of Heaven. For Sam, it was about finding a way to complete his trials, and cure Crowley of being a demon (hardly an easy task).

Unfortunately, all of this ended up being different than we thought. Metatron had tricked Castiel with his plan, and the trials were not what we originally thought. If Sam was to complete them, he would die, and after he was convinced out of doing them, it felt almost like he would anyway. Dean was there to the rescue with a touching speech, but didn’t this feel almost like everything we went through with the trials wasn’t fully worth it?

As for Castiel, he seems to be in an interesting position even compared to all of the others he has been in over the years: One … as a mortal? Metatron sent him back on the planet in order to marry, settle down, and then come back later upon his death. In following him, the episode closed with angels dropping from the sky and while we don’t fully understand quite what this means, it seems that the regime change in Heaven is already off to a rocky start.

Looking back, the best word to describe our mental state is “confused.” The ending here was much too abrupt, and the payoff was hardly not what we expected. We don’t know what’s happening with Crowley, and there’s really not a single story that is tied up while we wait for the next several months.

What was your take on the “Supernatural” finale? Did you see any or all of this coming? Also, you can check out the link here if you want to see what some of the options for the show are moving forward into the new season.

Photo: The CW

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