‘Best Ink’ season 2, episode 7 preview: Movie … magic?

Best InkLast week’s “Best Ink” can be best described in one word: Frustrating. We’re still dumbfounded by the move to send Tylor home despite only being in the bottom three once, and for not really following the directions of the challenge to a T in an effort to satisfy his client, even to the point of going against the rules somewhat of the Ink Challenge.

We don’t have a tease to share below when it comes to the task for this upcoming week, but instead, we have below a clip revolving around a Flash Challenge that is at least creative. While it is art rather than tattoo-based (which we’re still sure is frustrating to purists), the idea behind it is at least super-cool: Devising some sort of artistic movie poster for Universal, and then having to describe what your vision of the story is.

When it comes to reality TV “reward challenges” like this, we wish more shows did emphasize creativity. This goes up there with the roast-themed caricature challenge this season in terms of likely LOL-worthy moments, especially since we already know that one contestant is going into this with the idea of telling a story of a giant female alien.

The biggest criticism that we have of flash challenges, at least in comparison to every other competition in this vein, is that they are more or less inconsequential. There’s no immunity benefit out of them (that comes in the Ink Challenge), and there’s no strategic point in winning. You just want to try your best so that the judges don’t think you are farting around and wasting their time.

We’ll be back a little later in the week with a full review for this “Best Ink” episode; meanwhile, you can also read our review of this past episode (complete with excess ranting) here.

Photo: Oxygen

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