‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 4 finale spoilers: Boss talks Klaus / Caroline scenes

Candice AccolaWhen you look at the fact that Joseph Morgan is getting a “Vampire Diaries” spin-off series entitled “The Originals,” and that Candice Accola is seemingly staying on board the flagship series in “The Vampire Diaries” for a little while longer, it is pretty easy to draw one conclusion: Klaus and Caroline probably are not going to be getting together in the season 4 finale. What would be the point of turning these two into a couple, only to then split them up onto separate shows? Long-distance dating can work in real life, but there are about a trillion things more exciting to see on scripted television.

At least you can take some solace in this: Morgan will be in the finale as a way of setting the stage for the spin-off, and executive producer Julie Plec claims to E! News that the two characters are going to share at least one moment together:

“There’s a moment between them in the finale that basically makes it clear where Klaus stands and where Caroline stands,” Plec teases of the fan-favorite couple before Klaus heads off to New Orleans for The Originals. “Rather than completely shutting any doors, it actually, if anything, opens a new one. We’ve never wanted to compromise the Klaus-Caroline with the idea that there would be this other show she wouldn’t potentially be on, so we’re making decisions as though we would continue their journey in perpetuity, for better or for worse, whether she ever cared for him or not, and if we need to cross over between the two shows than we will.”

This is the luxury of “The Originals” doing most of its filming in Atlanta, even if the show is set in New Orleans is the potential to film scenes together across platforms! All you have to do is move a character for a few days from one show to the next, and it’s not too difficult when it comes to logistics.

Klaroline is only one pairing that will have a moment in the finale as Damon and Elena are also going to have their own moment in the sun (which would kill vampires on most other shows), and you can read all about that just by visiting the link here.

Photo: The CW

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