‘American Idol’ finale: Candice Glover, Kree Harrison could have album this summer

American IdolIsn’t this completely different? After waiting until almost this month for season 11 runner-up Jessica Sanchez to release her debut album, the final two of “American Idol” this season may have an opportunity to do something completely differently: Namely, have their original music out while people still have them fresh in their minds.

According to USA Today, either Candice Glover or Kree Harrison (depending on who wins this season of the show) will have their debut album with Interscope out this summer. They have been recording it for much of the past few months, and already have some singles set for performances. This is a huge change from anything the show has done before, which included making us wait all the way until at least October for some new music to finally hit stores.

At the moment, it’s easy to be of two minds about this. While getting an album out so fast is probably great for sales given that Americans are developing a shorter and shorter memory when it comes to reality TV performers, the bad news is that we have a hard time imagining that the albums will be as great as they could have otherwise been. However, sometimes you do just need a couple of good singles, and if those can live on the radio for long enough and lead to a tour or two, you can use this time to create a sophomore release that is more of what you want. (Just think of all of the ways in which “Home” has helped Phillip Phillips, even though he his entire debut album is also pretty good.)

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Photo: Fox

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