‘Supernatural’ season 8 spoilers: Many options for season 9

SupernaturalIn just 24 hours from now, we will be starting to really digest everything that happened in the “Supernatural” season 8 finale. It is certainly an hour that has the potential to be many things. There is a face-off for example between Sam and Crowley that feels almost straight out of the old west, and there will also be an opportunity to see Castiel and Metatron really start to work together in an effort to pry Heaven out of the hands of the manipulative and nefarious Naomi.

Will all of this work? Your guess is as good as ours, especially since producers have almost everything when it comes to the finale locked up tightly and securely. Given that Misha Collins will be a regular moving forward, though, you can almost surely expect to see a story that helps to set up that situation a little bit better for the character.

While Jeremy Carver (who took over as executive producer prior to this season) is keeping most of the story ahead under wraps, he was kind enough to share to ScreenRant that some of the ideas, places, and people introduced in what has been a reinvigorated season (at least in our mind) will carry over well to next year:

“One of the things that myself and the cast are proud about are some of the new supporting characters that we introduced this year [as well as] some of the new mythology – not just the overriding mythology of the tablets from this season, but the introduction of the Men of Letters. And I think everyone feels invigorated – that there’s lots of places to go now – and that’s a wonderful feeling, especially going in to season 9.”

Is there any one thing you’d love to see happen in the “Supernatural” finale, and what is your expectation level now for season 9? There is a pretty rad new video you can check out here, and it should shed some more light on the events of this pivotal episode.

Photo: The CW

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