‘Bates Motel’ finale spoilers: Freddie Highmore on Norma – Norman relationship

Bates MotelFor whatever reason, “Bates Motel” has faded somewhat when it comes to being in the public eye over the past few weeks, and if we are being completely and totally honest, we’re not entirely sure why. This is a show that has been shocking and at times frustrating to figure out, but it has been anchored by two of the strongest performances thus far in 2013: Freddie Highmore as a young Norman Bates, and Vera Farmiga as his mother, Norma.

These two characters in particular have went through a whirlwind already this year, including everything from paranoia, perceived betrayal, tragedy, and some other things too ghastly to really even mention here. While they may not be in the same place at the time that the finale starts (especially since Norma is busy trying to get cash together for Jake Abernathy), it does at least appear as though the bond that links mother and son will still be intact by the time the closing credits roll. After all, this is what Highmore had to say in a new interview with TV Guide:

“They’re moving into their separate worlds, but the finale brings them back together, and they both openly reveal stuff about each other that forces them to reconnect and reassert their relationship … It’s like an elastic band. No matter how much you stretch [the relationship], it doesn’t snap.”

As someone who loves the ten-episode format of “Game of Thrones,” we appreciate “Bates Motel” taking a similar approach when it comes to its storytelling. They have built up the characters substantially, and have gotten many of them to a place where we genuinely want more. Now, it will hurt so much more when they are gone, and we will find ourselves surely looking forward to them returning in the new year.

What do you think will transpire in the finale? If you do want to read our most-recent “Bates Motel” episode review, you can do so at the link here.

Photo: A&E

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