‘Saturday Night Live’ preview: Ben Affleck, Bill Hader get in some laughs

Saturday Night Live LogoIn the wake of the horrible news that Bill Hader is leaving “Saturday Night Live,” we have to admit that we’re having a hard time even focusing right now on the show hosted by Ben Affleck. Are you feeling the same way? Well maybe, the promo below will start to cheer you up a little bit.

It’s likely that executive producer Lorne Michaels has been aware of Hader’s intentions for at least a little while now, and thus, he was handed the honor of taking part in one final promo (which he has not done in a while). In addition to that, this is by a mile the best promo of the year. While not all of the jokes land, there are a lot that do. There’s a good joke about Hader not knowing that “Argo” was based on a true story, him explaining why he has a mask that he used to “hide from the world,” and the man behind Stefon compliments Ben on “Fargo” being a great movie.

This is the first edition of “SNL” that Affleck has really hosted since his major career comeback, and this has to therefore be a rather interesting experience for him. Any time that an actor gets a chance to host the season finale of a show, it’s proof that you are very much in demand. Affleck hasn’t let directing ruin his sense of humor, and this promo alone proves that the itch to perform comedic parts is still there.

As for the musical guest, we’re at least slightly curious about what Kanye West is going to do, but we have to admit that our interest in him has waned slightly ever since he started dating Kim Kardashian.

Now that you’ve been effectively cheered up again, you can either watch the promo again, or head over here, read more details on Hader’s exit, and watch some Stefon highlights.

Photo: NBC

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