‘Big Brother 15’ spoilers: CBS releases a longer promo … with more ‘promises’

Big BrotherFor the CBS marketing department, it must be trying rather hard to come up with new and creative ways to hype up an upcoming season of “Big Brother.” They don’t have any footage of the show to use in the promo videos, the cast won’t be confirmed until a mere matter of days before the season starts, and it’s hard to hype up any twist in so that people don’t get an unfair advantage.

So with that, the new promo from the network for the June 26 premiere may very well read “what’s the point?” to many of you, but they have to put out something. With that in mind, we’re still thrilled to have a video that once again hypes up everything ahead to ridiculous heights. For example, there’s no way that Julie Chen or anyone else knows that this is going to be the “wildest” season ever. You could get a crew who just sleeps all day, or just forms a giant alliance and Pagongs the other people. (Sorry, “Survivor” lingo.)

Here’s all that has been confirmed for the new season thus far:

1. It starts earlier than the average season, a move likely due to the fact that the show is so cheap to produce, and CBS better milk it for all it can.

2. The cast is also set to be larger than ever, which is indicative that the plan is still to run the show until right before the start of “Survivor.” Hooray to that!

3. It’s probably not an all-stars season, since we imagine that they would promote it as such even in the early stages.

Are you glad to be getting something “Big Brother”-related, even if it is a trailer featuring information that just about everyone and their dog knows already? If you really want to see more promotional coverage of the season, there is another promo up over here.

Photo: CBS

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