‘Doctor Who’ season 7 finale spoilers: ‘The Name of the Doctor’s’ Whispermen

WhispermenWe don’t need to sit here and rattle through the reasons why “Doctor Who” is a fantastic series: It’s whimsical, funny, touching, and an example of the storytelling that you just don’t see on TV anymore. Plus, they find a way to create cool, compelling villains that don’t require the use of heavy CGI in order to come to life.

For a prime example of this, take a look at the super-freaky villains that will turn up in Saturday’s “The Name of the Doctor” season 7 finale: The Whispermen. We especially love the emphasis of the mouth to accentuate the name. There’s nothing extremely special or new done to it, but the white slate across the rest of the face makes it so that there is no need to have anything special done. With that being said, the obvious questions here are as follows:

1. How in the world does anyone see in this?

2. What does a whisper from a Whispermen really sound like? Is it death? Fear? Instructions on how to make a chocolate cake with a ganache filling?

WhispermenThis villain follows up one of the most-notable foes of The Doctor in Cybermen, who appeared in this past episode (a rather excellent one, we might add) penned by Neil Gaiman. There will be similarities here in some ways, as Clara once again finds herself in a position to actually save The Doctor, rather than him doing anything /everything in his power in an effort to help her. This is going to be an extremely-crazy ride, and we’ll definitely have far more when it comes to content as this “Doctor Who”-iffic week continues.

If you haven’t seen the latest teaser for season 7 of “Doctor Who,” be sure to check out some more scoop related to the show here.

Photo: BBC One

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