‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 4 finale spoilers: Nina Dobrev’s threatening words

Nina DobrevIn case you’re wondering, we put “Nina Dobrev” rather than one of her “Vampire Diaries” characters in the title for a rather specific reason: It’s so much better for the sake of ambiguity! There are not many opportunities that you can put an actor in a title while still leaving it open as to what role they play, and the actress is definitely going to find herself rather busy during Thursday night’s “Graduation” finale.

In this case, we’re talking about Katherine, and what appears to be her best attempt to obtain a pound of flesh from Bonnie. As you may recall, there were certain promises made way-back-when for Katherine to accrue some sort of immortality from Kat Graham’s character, with there being one teensy little problem with it now: She is not getting what she wants out of it, and Katherine is firing off on all cylinders like she is firmly back in Big Bad mode once again.

Her mission here is fairly simple: Obtain that immortality that she believes was promised a little while ago. Of course, one of the key issues here comes via the word “promised.” Bonnie doesn’t really see herself as necessarily breaking her word, since she is missing the key component that she originally needed in order to pull the deal with Katherine off. However, she doesn’t care, and she wants the one thing that she needs in order to never have to worry about Klaus again.

It’s rather sad that this is just not going to happen for her. Instead, she is left to try and either find another way to get what she wants, or just go a complete 180, take the vampire cure, and try to actually (gasp!) live out the rest of her days as a human being.

If this Elena / Katherine talk just annoys you, don’t worry: We also have a sneak peek here that focuses on just how badly Caroline wants to ensure that her graduation happens.

Photo: The CW

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