‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 9 finale spoilers: How Meredith, Cristina, and Derek cope

Ellen PompeoMeredith is about to experience the full pain of giving birth on Thursday’s “Grey’s Anatomy” finale, and it is pretty fair to say as of this writing that she is going to do it in just about the worst way possible: During a power outage, in the middle of a rainstorm.

We really don’t have to explain too extensively to you that there are a myriad of problems in handling a situation like this under circumstances like this. For one, trying to administer modern advances in technology is basically going to be the equivalent of a caveman trying to figure out how to use a cell phone. While Meredith will have her best friend (Cristina) and her husband (Derek) present, there are still going to be some other busy people who are rather preoccupied … including Owen. It’s the classic pregnancy story on television: The way you imagined things leading up to the moment of birth don’t always end up playing out like you would expect.

While Shonda Rhimes has a penchant for devastating cliffhangers, we imagine that we will at least learn by the time the finale ends whether or not Meredith survives to birth … mostly because physical state is not much of a cliffhanger, given that the show cannot be titled “Grey’s Anatomy” if there is no one present with the last name of “Grey.” We expect the “so sorry, but you’ll have to wait” stories to include Callie / Arizona, Jackson / April (if they have a moment at all), and maybe Alex / Jo considering all of the headway that they have made this season.

This is not the only sneak peek that we have for Thursday’s finale: There is also one that we feel has a pretty strong chance of making Callie / Arizona fans faint rather dramatically on the floor.

Photo: ABC

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