‘Arrow’ season 1 finale spoilers: How does Oliver Queen break free?

ArrowIf you go back and watch the first promo for the “Arrow” finale airing on Wednesday night, it is fair to say that you probably have one rather-enormous question: How in the world does Oliver Queen get himself in a position to actually be freed from Malcolm in time to try and save Starling City?

Well, we now have our answer, and it is reminiscent yet again of how good a job The CW has done over the years turning this show into a combination of a video game and a blockbuster movie. Using the superpower known as a bleep-load of determination, Oliver sets himself free of some of the chains that Malcolm puts him in, straps on his famous hood, and gets ready to take the man down once and for all.

There is still one question that haunts us in the way that a really good ghost story does after the campfire has been put out. Why doesn’t Malcolm just go to the press with the news that Oliver is actually the vigilante? It seems like an easy insurance policy, especially if Moira Queen is actually going to the public with a declaration of her own about who has launched an operation to destroy The Glades. Then again, not every decision in this world (or the real one for that matter) necessarily comes out of a position of logic.

Expect to see violence, epic battles, shockers on the island, and at least one more kiss between Oliver and Laurel that will probably make Olicity shippers cry a little. (We sympathize with you, trust us!)

As we mentioned earlier there is a shorter promo for the episode, which you can check out here. No matter which you clip you end up watching, we nonetheless still have a feeling that there is going to be enough in this episode to have you jumping up and down, and also possibly strapping on a hood of your to go fight crime.

Photo: The CW

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