‘The Bachelorette’ spoilers: Meet Desiree Hartsock’s men!

DesireeIt’s a lengthy endeavor every season, but we are back today with what has become an annual tradition: Offering quick takes on some of the latest contestants for “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette.” It take a special breed for you to be someone willing to go on a dating show like this. You either have to be completely willing to humiliate yourself publicly, a desire to be famous, or some genuine desire to find someone that you will try anything to make it happen, including putting yourself at risk of trying to find the perfect person after the fact.

What makes this particular crop interesting is that the majority of them did not know who their bachelorette was going to be until late in the casting process. This is the first time really since Ashley Hebert that we have seen this sort of situation play out, meaning that there is a chance not all of these guys are even going to be interested in her to begin with.

Oh, and before we get to the photos, you can also check out some promo analysis for Desiree’s season here.

Photos: ABC

Ben: Lubbock entrepreneur / young Chris Harrison
Brad: A DJ / accountant, which is never a good combination. Also, weird fashion sense.
Brandon: Painting contractor / thin Chris Bukowski
Brooks: Like Jef Holm a Utah resident with questionable hair.
Bryden: He’s a soldier. We literally know nothing else.
Chris: Very tall (6’4”), but not very dark. We’ll leave the handsome part up to you.
Dan: He looks like he plays golf and talks on a headset in the grocery store.
Diogo: Originally from Brazil, we wish his name was “Drogo” so then he could call Des his Khaleesi.
Drew: Early favorite in our eyes. From Arizona (close to Des), loves the outdoors, seems nice.
James: Favorite author is literally Dr. Seuss.
Jonathan: Another great contender. An attorney who seemingly has a sense of humor.
Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo: Latin Maksim Chmerkovskiy!
Kasey: Looking to redeem his name for all future contestants.
Larry: That really cool contestant (a doctor, no less) that will probably be cut early due to “hunk factor.”
Micah loves being shirtless. Ugh.
Michael G.
Michael G.: A prosecutor, meaning that he will hopefully terrify the other guys.
Mike R.
Mike: Dental student, born in London, looks slightly evil.
Mikey t.
Mikey: Probably has great abs, but seems like too much of a party guy.
Nick M.
Nick: Looks like J.P. Rosenbaum, otherwise boring.
NIck R.
Nick R.: He’s a magician! Expect a top hat at some point.
Robert: He is an advertising entrepreneur … whatever that is.
Will: Great potential to be hilarious. Don’t know about anything else.
Zack K.
Zack K.: Personal favorite. Seems smart, genuine, has a cool job in book publisher.
Zak W.
Zak W.: Runner-up in the creepy smile contest.
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