‘Downton Abbey’ season 4: Hugh Bonneville on ‘Twenty Twelve’ success

GranthamWhile we certainly understand viewers in America knowing Hugh Bonneville for precisely one thing, the reality is that the man is a jack of many trades. “Downton Abbey” has caused him to gain international fame, but one of the joys of being on such a show which only shoots around ten hours of TV a year, including the Christmas special of course, is the flexibility that it later allows to take part in a variety of other television programs.

One of those other shows was “Twenty Twelve,” which is what Bonneville was nominated for yesterday at the annual BAFTA TV awards. He did not end up winning, but the series itself did win for Situational Comedy (or sitcom, as we like to call it here in the land of abbreviations otherwise known as North America).

For about the first minute of the video below, we genuinely thought that the BAFTA red carpet was something a little bit different in tone than any awards show in America, which basically consists of stars having to awkwardly smile while thousands of superfans scream at the very sight of them. We can’t imagine that this is easy, mostly because we still envision that a good majority of people still struggle at times with the art of taking a compliment. Unfortunately, not long into Bonneville’s interview do we hear a few screams, and it is easy to start to feel like it is all going to go downhill from here rather quickly.

The interview itself is pretty informative, though “Downton Abbey” fans may feel almost as slighted about the lack of information, however season 4 is being produced, and Bonneville has instituted a no-spoilers policy, so that fans in other countries never feel like they are intentionally getting anything ruined for them.

If you want to read some more of what other “Downton Abbey” stars are doing, have no fear: We also have that for you.

Photo: ITV

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