Big Brother 25 live feed spoilers: A Fugitive meeting / HoH debate

Big Brother 25

We’re just one day away from a Big Brother 25 live show and typically, that means a good bit of scrambling. This time around? Not so much. We get nada.

Somehow, Scary Week may go down as one of the worst weeks in the history of the show, mostly in terms of how little effort has been made to keep it exciting. Almost everything is just geared around the competition tomorrow that Cameron is set to take part in — we have more info on that below.

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Because there is no eviction to speak of at the moment, the bulk of the cast are putting some of their attention elsewhere. Namely, on the subject of trying to form more bonds and prepare for the next Head of Household, no matter what. The problem is that a lot of people feel convinced that they don’t need to win it.

Take, for example, Cory and America thinking that for the most part (save for maybe Blue), that they will be fine since they have deals with Felicia and Mecole plus also one with Matt and Jag. Matt and Jag, meanwhile, have their Cory / America alliance (“Belgium”) and then also the Fugitives with Cameron. The three met this afternoon and made it clear that they think Felicia is almost the target of the entire house. that could be true based on conversations we’ve seen, but we still don’t think that anyone trusts Cameron.

Meanwhile, Mecole this afternoon vented a little bit to Jag about how she’s always lumped in with other people in the house, which may be true at times. Mecole’s only real issue is that, for better or for worse, she barely gives up any info. It probably does make people think that they can trust her, but at the same time it makes deeper connections more difficult. Nonetheless, she is one of the few people who should feel almost 100% safe entering tomorrow night. We just want it to get here already.

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