‘Breaking Bad’: Before season 5 ends, Univision version begins

Breaking BadFor the past five seasons, “Breaking Bad” has revolved around the emotional journey of a teacher-turned cancer patient who makes some shocking decisions in his New Mexico community to take control of his life. Now, this entire production is being carried over for a new production … albeit with a different Mexico in mind.

Univision first announced during its upfront presentation on Friday that it was in the process of adapting the hit AMC drama for its Spanish-language network. While we’re curious to know what the literal translation of “I’m the one who knocks” is in Spanish, we’re sure that what we are looking at here is not a line-by-line recreation of the series that you have come to know and love over the years. It’s probably something that takes the basic template, and then spins it just enough to give its viewers its own flair. After all, creator Vince Gilligan would probably cry blue tears if this show was basically just a watered-down version of his own show in another language.

While it is rare to see an international version of a scripted series happen while the current show is still in its run, this is hardly a new creation for the TV industry. One of the recent international versions of a show that drew headlines recently was the Russian “Everybody Loves Raymond,” which is perfect evidence that while there may be cultural differences and changes to the way in which we behave from country-to-country, some things (including our enjoyment of entertainment) often remains the same.

“Breaking Bad” will start airing its final eight episodes of season 5 on August 11, which should hopefully give AMC some more material. We just hope that they get the important parts right for our Spanish-speaking friends, including throwing a pizza onto a roof and Jesse Pinkman’s all-time favorite word.

Photo: AMC

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