‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 8 finale spoilers: Marshall, Lily, and season 9

How I Met Your MotherBefore we arrive to Monday night’s “How I Met Your Mother” finale, we have one more tasty morsel of scoop to share for all of the Marshall-and-Lily fans out there: Video evidence that Lily is getting very emotional over travel plans in quite a number of interesting ways.

Here’s the basic issue: You likely know already that these two are planning right now to take off to Italy in a major move for Lily’s career as an art consultant. The issue? That Marshall never bothered to tell his mother anything about the plan, and instead thought up the crazy / brilliant idea that he would tell her after the two have already lived in the country for around six months at Christmas time.

Unfortunately, he never bothered to clue Lily in to what he was thinking up, which puts them in an awkward position. The couple has to think fast when it comes to satisfying her in a way that also satisfies them. Lily cannot take time off of work to go see Marshall’s mom (who already hooked up with her dad in a scene that most people would likely prefer to forget). Meanwhile, she doesn’t want her out there in Italy with them. The ultimate solution here is simply to have Marvin go out to Minnesota, that way Lila gets some time on her own. Basically, this seems to be setting up one of the greatest moments of Lila’s life when she gets to party the night away without a worry or care.

Don’t expect this Marshall / Lily plot with Italy to be resolved tonight. They may try it in the early stages of season 9 and change their mind; or, they could do something entirely different that we’ve yet to hear a single whisper about. Considering that the idea for next season is almost as big a mystery as who actually is the mother herself, anything could happen.

For now, just enjoy the clip below … and also the one featuring Barney and Robin over here.

Photo: CBS

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