‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 9 finale spoilers: Jessica Capshaw on hope for ‘Calzona’

Jessica CapshawAfter what happened on “Grey’s Anatomy” Thursday night, is there any hope at all for Callie and Arizona? There are some moments in just about every relationship, even the fictional ones, where you see something happen, and then very quickly wonder to yourself whether or not someone can come back from that. Then again, look at Cristina and Owen: Everything looked lost after he cheated on her at the end of last season, and the two have taken serious steps towards making it work again. Granted, they are different people, and some people are more likely to scream when others cry.

One person who can’t give you advice on the future of the Calzona relationship, for the finale or even beyond, is Jessica Capshaw. In an interview with TV Guide, all she tried to do was just explain a little bit of her thoughts on whether or not she thinks that the relationship has any sort of future, or if we are just looking at something that is really doomed to fail:

“I don’t know. We all know just being on the show, even if there’s a concrete answer one way or the other, it could always change. I don’t know how you come back from this. It depends on how characters rebound from certain things: whether or not you can ever truly come back from infidelity, whether or not that trust is broken, whether or not you can reclaim it. There’s so many different questions.”

With the power staying off during the storm Thursday, we know that Arizona is going to have some time on her hands to explain things to Callie if she wants. If this happens, we expect a completely different storm to emerge, and one that could have enormous emotional consequences to go along with the physical fears created by the violent winds outside.

What storm do you think is more interesting here: The one outside, or the one brewing in Arizona’s mind? There is some more great “Grey’s Anatomy” finale scoop waiting for you at this link, and it revolves more around Sarah Drew and April.

Photo: ABC

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