ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 3 spoilers: Where do we go from here?

RevengeBefore we do absolutely anything else when we come to this “Revenge” article, we must say this: There are some pretty massive spoilers ’round these parts, and you are going to feel very depressed if you keep on reading without watching the episode.

In moving beyond the finale, the first thing that we can say is rather simple: There will be a change of pace. Showrunner and creator Mike Kelley is leaving after two years on the job, and we have a new face being promoted from within. While Sunail Nayar has been on the show before, he will hopefully bring some energy and excitement along with some new ideas.

On the flip side, the irony is that many of the stories that we panned all season, especially the Initiative, ended up having a pretty cool ending. We will probably see more of the scheming Conrad Grayson next year in his new position of Governor. So will Victoria join him by his side? We expect it to be so, mostly because we don’t know how else she plans to get out. She’s like Mellie on “Scandal,” but with a much more dangerous husband.

While sadly Declan Porter is out of the equation, there are still questions as to the future of Barry Sloane (Aiden). We don’t know if he will be back as a series regular or not, mostly because we don’t know what story there is left for them now that he has threatened Daniel. Everyone else, meanwhile, should be back, and the story that has us chomping at the bit already is seeing what happens with Jack now that he knows who the real Emily Thorne is.

Are you able to breathe a little bit now over the “Revenge” finale? What do you think is coming on season 3? Our full review for the finale is here, just in case you do want to regurgitate everything that happened yet again.

Photo: ABC

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