Winning Time season 2 episode 7: Was that the series finale?

Winning Time season 2

If you were hoping to see more of Winning Time following season 2 episode 7, let’s just say we have some pretty bad news.

First of all, HBO’s decision to end the basketball drama tonight is incredibly disappointing. We understand that it didn’t get the buzz or the attention it got in season 1, but it also didn’t have a lot of opportunities to succeed. For starters, the show aired without much promotion due to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strike, and we don’t think the network itself featured it as much as we were expecting.

Also, remember that Winning Time arrived on the air at a time when HBO wasn’t airing a lot of other big hits, meaning that a lot of people would have to subscribe for it and it alone — and this is a lot of money per month to shell out, especially since you are talking about two months here!

The craziest thing of all still remains here just how the show has concluded, as basically the end of Winning Time season 2 was the victory of the Boston Celtics over the Los Angeles Lakers. Sure, there was a card tacked-on at the end that said that the Lakers would go on to win more titles with Magic, but is that a lot to satisfy a lot of people out there?

Is this the saddest finale ever?

We have a hard time saying this with 100% certainly, mostly because we already know what the future holds for the Lakers leading up to the present day. However, clearly this is the one most completely unaligned with what the actual idea of the show really is. Given that much of the premise here was themed all around the Lakers’ rise to glory, it feels so completely strange to see the finale revolve around them losing. Why did it have to be this way?

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What did you think about the Winning Time season 2 finale also being the series finale?

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