Winning Time season 3: Is it renewed, canceled at HBO?

Winning Time season 2

Following the big season 2 finale tonight on HBO, is there a chance for a Winning Time season 3 down the road? Or, is it more likely that the Los Angeles Lakers dramatization is now more or less done?

The first thing that we really should do here is speak when it comes to facts. As of this writing, nothing has been confirmed here one way or another. We know that the series has struggled to match the early numbers from season 1, but we are also not surprised by that. The long break between seasons may have hurt it, and we certainly think there is less awareness out there of it due to the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes.

There is one other thing to remember here that is not really garnering enough attention as it should — there are a lot of people out there who may not be interested in subscribing to HBO or Max right now for just one show. Remember that before Winning Time, the network had the critical flop The Idol. Meanwhile, they are saving True Detective season 4 for January. They aren’t exactly giving people a lot of reasons to spend what is a pretty hefty amount of money per month for a lot of people out there. This does hurt a show like this, especially since the general audience itself is more limited to basketball fans.

We know that Jeff Pearlman, the author behind the source material that serves as a basis for the show, has expressed his hope for more seasons — provided that viewers watch. We personally think the show should at least run until 1991, when Magic Johnson announced his HIV diagnosis. That was not only a huge moment in NBA history, but also one in the history of public awareness of HIV. That also brings the show into the early era of Michael Jordan, as well.

Now, the shocking news…

HBO announced tonight, at the last minute, that this was the series finale. There is no more coming, and that was 100% the ending.

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