Big Brother 25 live feed spoilers: Veto Ceremony plan confirmed

Big Brother 25

Just in case you needed some sort of confirmation as to what’s going to happen at the Big Brother 25 Veto Ceremony tomorrow, now we have it!

First, a quick little refresher — Jag won the Veto on Saturday, and which means that Jared will be able to complete his plan of getting Cameron out. Since Cameron did play in the Veto, this is not a “backdoor” and we hope the show doesn’t call it that.

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Now, who will remain on the block opposite him? It seems to be America, as Jag has informed Cory that he will use the Veto on him. That isn’t a huge surprise, given that in some ways, Cory is riskier to leave up there since he has so many alliances and there could be a lot of comparing of notes if Cameron is able to campaign against him. There is less he could say about America, one of the few people to give him time of day over the past week.

We anticipate the vote this week to be close to unanimous, but a hinky vote could be fun!

Any other notable news?

Well, we have a six-person “alliance” at the moment of Jag, Matt, Cirie, Felicia, Jared, and Blue, but this is pretty much useless since Jag and Matt both want Jared out and they’d nominate Cirie and Felicia first to make it happen. (Pretty risky since Jared could win the Veto and take Cirie down.)

The funny thing, and the reason why Jag and Matt could screw themselves over, is that they’d rather see Cory or America take the shot. Meanwhile, Cory and America would rather see Jag and/or Matt do it. Could all of them throw it and we get a Cirie HoH? Given that we have a Double Eviction coming, we do think there’s a chance it could be trivia or something she’s be pretty good at.

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