Big Brother 25 live feed spoilers: Week 7 Veto aftermath (day 46)

Big Brother 25

This afternoon saw the latest Power of Veto Competition happen within the Big Brother 25 house — so where do things stand now?

As we noted earlier, this was a huge competition for almost everyone who took part — HoH Jared was there alongside the nominees Cory and America, and also Jag, Bowie Jane, and then Cameron. This was really Operation Beat Cameron more so than anything else, since he was the obvious backdoor.

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When it was clear that Jag won Veto the moment after feeds came back around 4:00 p.m. Big Brother Time, our immediate thought was that Cameron was done. Given that he’s won so much as of late, it makes sense to get him out now that the opportunity is there.

So, is that still the case now? While we recognize fully that anything can happen, but this feels as locked as a vote can be. In the aftermath of the Veto we’ve seen almost the entire house dancing in celebration in various parts of the house, while Jag has already insisted that he is using the PoV. (Apparently, the house applauded when Cameron was in second as opposed to being the winner.)

Is there any real debate?

If there is, it’s tied to who Jag will save between Cory and America — it may not matter all that much, but we do imagine a lot of conversation about it still. If we were Jag we’d probably save Cory, mostly because Jared was so upset at him days ago and you want to ensure that he doesn’t get kicked out if something crazy happens.

Beyond this, there are a lot of conversations ahead about the future. Felicia and Mecole have spoken about Cirie and Jared being closer to each other than either of them, while Cirie has noted that she needs to reel Bowie Jane back in. The one concern moving into the next HoH (which is a double) is that Cory / America seem to want Jag / Matt to win next, whereas Jag / Matt want to see Cory / America get it. If none of them try hard enough, Cirie or Felicia could get it and if that happens, they’re all in trouble again.

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Do you think there is going to be any further Big Brother 25 drama about the Veto?

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