Big Brother 25 live feed spoilers: Jared’s lie and big trouble for Jag

Big Brother 25

Is the vote flip tonight on Big Brother 25 suddenly in danger, and due to a rather unexpected conversation? It is fair to at least wonder that, especially since it is tied to Jag’s own past being used against him.

Here is what we can say right now: Earlier today, Jared made up a story to Matt saying that he and Jag spoke last night and Jag indicated that he is voting out Izzy. Matt then thought that Jag actually said this, which then led to him and Cory having to do some elaborate damage control while also getting furious at Jag. Now, they are facing the question of whether or not they should confront Jag about it.

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The hilarious thing about this whole situation is that Matt and Cory both know not to trust Jared, and they had a whole conversation about it yesterday! However, because Jag has played so terribly the bulk of the season and refuses to keep a secret to save his life, it is easy to think that Jared is telling the truth. Unless they actually do talk to Jag, they won’t ever know and they are worried that speaking to him will cause him to flip back. (It won’t.)

For now, though, the vote flip is still happening — everything is too far gone. Cirie and Izzy have figured out that something is off in the house today and even if Cory and Matt go back to them, they’ve lost virtually all trust. They have to move forward with the plan now and if they want to adjust when they get Jag out later on in the game, they can.

Cirie and Jared, for the record, are planning to blame Matt and Cory if Izzy goes — which puts them somewhat in a vulnerable spot. Yet, Cameron is probably the biggest target for her side no matter what. It’s hard to think that is changing.

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