‘Doctor Who’ season 7 finale spoilers: First look at ‘In the Name of the Doctor’

Doctor WhoWhenever we hear the words “series finale,” we immediately start to freak out. There’s been a debate worth having when it comes to the episode count for “Doctor Who”: We technically consider “In the Name of the Doctor” to be the fourteenth of the season, mostly because we like to include the Christmas special in there to keep things from getting too perplexing on our brain.

But let’s not bog ourselves down with technicalities, shall we? Despite whatever sort of confusion there may be, “Nightmare in Silver” (written by Neil Gaiman) was a spectacular piece of storytelling, and it brought to life all of the whimsy and childlike grandeur we expect from a classic episode of the series. Hopefully, the last episode until the fall can do the same.

We’ll sum up what we like about this episode in just one sentence: Clara Oswald figuring out that her destiny could be to save The Doctor. It is meant with little offense to any of the former Companions, since we’ve found them all to be special / endearing in their own way, but Jenna-Louise Coleman has been a delight. She’s a challenge to both The Doctor and herself, a good-natured soul with a few pieces of her past missing. Plus, the chemistry with Matt Smith is off the charts in the best playful way imaginable. (There was a point in “Nightmare in Silver” where we nearly bounced ourselves through a wall with excitement, and we bet you know what it was!)

We know that the future for Matt Smith is unclear, just as we understand if there’s a desire to do other things after working to bring so much joy to this show. Nonetheless, there’s still a fire burning in us to see him back for at least one more season with Clara, just so we can see where this story goes. Let us know if you agree.

Photo: BBC One

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