Big Brother 25 live feed spoilers: Who’s causing chaos? (day 40)

Big Brother 25

Is there is one thing that we can say at present in regards to the Big Brother 25 house, it is this: These people can’t sit still. Even though it seems like the plan entering the Veto Ceremony seems pretty steady, Cameron is playing around and assessing things. Clearly, he doesn’t seem to care that much that he has no power next week — he just wants to mess around for a little while now.

Remember how earlier today he wanted to act like Jared was going to take down Felicia with the Veto? Well, he’s playing around with that idea right now, which has made Jag incredibly paranoid and caused a number of players to scramble. It’s also caused him and Blue further to consider trying to reunite Reilly’s old alliance, or at least part of it with the two of them plus Jared, America, and Cory. Of course, Jared would have no real part in all of this.

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While this little bit of scrambling has gone on in the game, Jared has told Cam that if he does use it, he would use it on Izzy — but don’t get anything twisted here. He’s still not using it and clearly, he’s just trying to gauge some of Cameron’s reactions here. Jared would be silly to put his mom in this sort of situation and we absolutely do not see that coming.

What’s also worth noting is that tonight, we’ve heard America throw Felicia after the bus and with that in mind, her target only grows. Izzy and Cory have a bond, and this is yet another reason why Felicia would be leaving the game this week.

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