Big Brother 25 live feed spoilers: Cameron’s post-Veto ‘plan’

Big Brother 25

Earlier today in the Big Brother 25 house we learned the results of the Power of Veto — now, we seem to better understand the plan.

Is it exactly what we thought it was going to be advance? Not necessarily, but then again, this week is so bizarre because Cameron as a player has a tendency to be rather difficult to read. This is the same guy who did not tell anyone who he was nominating for the week in advance.

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Here is what we can say right now. Based on the conversation we have seen with Cameron and Jared, the HoH wants Veto winner Jared to use in on Felicia — and from there, he can nominate Cirie. This is hilarious — obviously Cameron doesn’t know that Jared and Cirie are related, but shouldn’t he at least know the two are close? What makes all of this more maddening is that Cameron’s rationale here is that doing this is the way to ensure that Izzy goes, as he feels more threatened by her.

Now, is it a sure thing Izzy goes against Cirie? It’d be a legitimately interesting back and forth, but it’s also not going to happen. Jared has told a ton of other people he’s not going to use the Veto, and the only way we think he’d consider it is if Cameron convinced him that he was nominating someone like Jag when he really wasn’t. It’s possible Cam is trying to snow Jared into thinking Cirie is not the target when she really is — but like we said, it doesn’t matter.

More punishment talk

Here is what we can tell you at the moment — Cirie and Felicia are forced to move around the house in a giant kayak together, and they also have to “row” anytime they go from one room to the next. It is so silly but also really fun.

Meanwhile, Matt is now sporting a flannel outfit and most wander around with a cardboard cut-out of Josh Duhamel, who was a part of the Veto Competition. Meanwhile, Cameron and Izzy have to do a punishment together dressed as pigs.

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