‘Homeland’ season 3 spoilers: Who Claire Danes, Damian Lewis could meet next

HomelandGiven that “Homeland” is almost undoubtedly television at its finest, we understand the need for new scoop as much as anyone. With the starting of production, we’re lucky that the gates are somewhat going to be lifted into the world of Carrie, Brody, and Saul’s future adventures.

You may remember from a while back here a certain casting scoop, one in which we teased that a character that we are set to meet very soon on the show is a young woman of Persian dissent. Now, try this scoop on for size! According to a report from E! News, this woman goes by the name of Fara, and she is going to be both extremely professional and intelligent despite being very young in age. (What do you think about a possible sidekick for Claire Danes’ Carrie?) She will appear in the second episode of the season entitled “Tower of David,” and is set to have a pretty important role from there on out.

Is it by some means possible that this Fara character could be a foil instead for Damian Lewis’ Brody? Sure, but it makes about as much sense for this former terrorist to get involved with the Persian community as it would be Carrie falling in love with him a second time. (Oh wait.) We don’t know where Lewis will be filming his scenes this year, but Brody’s surely not going to be in America during the early stages.

Trying to work his way back to the Middle East could be an interesting prospect, given that he speaks the language and understands the culture well. Then again, it’s also possible that Fara is just a woman in another country with Persian roots. There’s so many possibilities here, trying to predict and explicate could eventually make us go crazy enough to need to turn on some jazz music to take the edge off.

While we haven’t talked about him much, you also have to consider the possibility of her being a foil to Saul. After all, it has already been confirmed via some promotions that his story will take more of center stage than ever when “Homeland” returns to Showtime this fall.

Photo: Showtime

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