Big Brother 25 live feed spoilers: Veto scenarios and delusions

Big Brother 25

As we get to the end of day 38 within the Big Brother 25 house, everything feels all the more complicated. We could have some really interesting campaigns over the next few days, and we also could be set up for an enormous case of HoH-itis out of Cameron.

Does he deserve credit for having the guts to make the biggest move of the season? Absolutely, as nominating Izzy and Felicia is no small feat. However, he also seems to think that he’s got the game all figured out when, in reality, he is still oblivious to a lot of stuff.

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Take, for starters, Cameron’s core belief that the core four of the game right now are Izzy, Cirie, Felicia, and Mecole. He seems determined to get one of the four out this week. It feels like Cirie could be his final target, but it’s hard still to see her going home when she is already laying groundwork to stay and has so many allies across the board. If Cirie wins the Veto and takes one of the nominees down, Mecole likely goes up. He’s prepared for that.

Now, let’s get to some of his delusions, shall we? For starters, he seems to be very much of the belief that the house is split again and those four are on an island, when that could not be further from the truth. America and Cory are gassing him up right now and a lot of people are just placating him. He’s going to be an easy target moving forward, and he’s delusional about the idea that anything else is happening right now. He’s probably not even going to get out the person he really wants — Felicia probably leaves over Izzy in the current configuration.

Cameron’s biggest mistake is thinking that he has anything at all with Jared and Matt, when Jared is really one of the people in Cirie’s true core alongside Izzy and, to some extent, Matt.

Other news from tonight

A lot of people are preparing in anticipation of a possible spelling-themed Veto, and Matt already seems determined to win and leave nominations the same to protect Cirie. There are some delusions elsewhere that Jag could still go up as a replacement nominee, but we doubt that. He’s going to be low-key the next few days, or at least we think since he won’t want to give Cameron a reason to look towards him.

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