ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 2 finale spoilers: Conrad tries to get his Governor on

Madeleine Stowe, Henry CzernyWhat is awesome for us as “Revenge” fans and viewers is typically not what is awesome for one Conrad Grayson, and for more evidence of this very thing, you really do not have to look any further than the latest sneak peek revealed for Sunday’s season finale.

This clip is really rather entertaining, much in the same way that watching someone completely oblivious about to trip over themselves courtesy of a banana peel: You know that it is coming, and it will probably be pretty funny when it happens. Sometimes, the anticipation is almost as great as the reaction. Conrad Grayson is seen trying to do his best Ronald Reagan in an attempt to drive voters out for him in this “time of great uncertainty,” but what is rather comical about it here is that the person with the very uncertain future may very well be him.

As he speaks “nobly” to his supporters, a universal text message starts to circulate through the audience with one very important (and all-caps) message on it: “LONG LIVE DAVID CLARKE.” Yep, you can be sure that this is probably not going to end well. The clip ends with Victoria having to play spoiler to his good time, and we sadly do not have much of an opportunity to really see what his facial reaction is ultimately going to be.

The only person right now that we are assuming could get just as much egg on her face at the end of this fiasco is Madeleine Stowe’s character, mostly because she has so much to lose when it comes to painful revelations. Remember her secret son? We’re sure that will come back to haunt her like a ghost, and the battle of scowls between her and Emily Thorne suggests that some majorly sinister things are on the horizon.

Photo: ABC

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