‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 9 finale spoilers: Sarah Drew on April, Matthew’s future

Sarah DrewDuring last week’s penultimate “Grey’s Anatomy” season 9 episode, there was one moment in particular where we imagine thousands of fans yelling “no” as though they were Luke Skywalker in “The Empire Strikes Back”: When Matthew proposed to April, and she said yes. The finale starts with her preparing for the future with a very different future in mind that what we imagined earlier this season. For so long, we envisioned pictures of her, Jackson, white picket fences, and make-out sessions in various rooms of the hospital. Now, it’s all about her and an EMT finding their way together in the couple.

But is this engagement the end of April’s story? Commence your laughing now! You know that this is not going to be so easy for her, given that she has questioned her relationship with him almost from the start. This is what makes Sarah Drew’s comments recently to The Hollywood Reporter on the subject all the less surprising:

“There are some big things that happen to April in the finale. She goes through the wringer emotionally. It’s an emotional roller coaster for her in the finale. She is totally excited and committed to being with Matthew and she’s still reeling from the joy of being proposed to as the finale starts. Then things happen that make her really begin to wonder if he’s the right choice for her. It’s pretty intense.”

If we had to guess (which we’re certainly doing here), there will be at least one moment between April and Jackson during the finale. We are not necessarily creating a prophecy that the two will end up together, but there is a story here left to be told for some future chapter, or 24 of them given that the show already has a tenth season coming up.

April is not the only character to be receiving a significant focus during the finale. Remember Callie, Arizona, and that horrible cheating scandal? Of course you do! They will have plenty of moments coming up in the spotlight.

Photo: ABC

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