‘Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites’ finale rankings: Cochran’s game to lose

John CochranGoing into Sunday night’s finale for “Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites,” we have a serious amount of trepidation that we could be in for a bad ending, and potentially one of the worst since Fabio back in “Nicaragua.” Why? Basically, this is the same situation of danger that we had in “Redemption Island”. There’s one player extremely deserving of winning, one that could be okay, and then three who have no business winning at all. Heck, it’s possible that we could have one of the most vacant players ever in the final three, and they could actually get votes! (Start the eye roll now.)

It’s a good thing that this filmed almost a year ago, given that there’s no real pressure on anyone on the show. It all lies instead on us rocking back and forth nervously, waiting to see who ends up in the final three. We’re basing our rankings this time on who is the most deserving winner naturally, but also who is the most likely to make it there.

5. Sherri Biethman – There’s no way whatsoever that Sherri wins. We just cannot see it. She played an okay strategy game during the early days, but since that time she’s done nothing. The Favorites don’t seem to respect her, and the two Amigos among the Fans are hardly fans of hers after feeling ostracized early on in the game. The only vote she may get? Phillip’s, given that he seemingly got along okay with her.

4. Erik Reichenbach – Personally, we dig Erik as a guy. He seems like the offbeat character we’d love to chill with around a campfire. The problem is that this is a game with big-time strategists on the jury already (Michael, Malcolm, Andrea, Brenda). Are they going to vote for someone whose basic strategy was to be told what would happen with the vote five minutes before tribal council? Um … no.

3. Eddie Fox – He gets the #3 spot since he could get a vote from Reynold for sure in the end, and you have to consider this: Malcolm was a part of the amigos, and if he makes it there against Cochran and Dawn, there could be so many upset / scorned people (Andrea, Brenda, maybe Erik) that could vote for him. He would be a terrible winner given that his strategy was to treat “Survivor” like “The Real World” at times, but he is the sleeper.

2. Dawn Meehan – We feel for Dawn, especially since she got rid of her Twitter after getting death threats after booting Brenda. We don’t care about morals in an immoral game so much (though Brenda disagrees with that), but we do think that she made a bad move getting rid of her. Brenda would have kept her around for sure, and this move was so cold that she’s not getting her vote, and some jury members who were bitter just became even more so. We do still think, however, that a Todd Herzog or Boston Rob sort of final speech may still be enough to sway most every other juror, especially if she gets rid of Cochran. At this point, that is her best move to win the game.

1. John Cochran – For Cochran, we genuinely think this is the easiest vote since Rob if he makes it to the end, regardless of who he takes. He’s made big moves, and done so without doing anything that will potentially tick them off on a sacred level. His challenge is getting there. Despite his two wins, one was with an advantage and the other was eating food. He’s not much of a threat in that department. Given that the previews have hinted at someone getting evacuated from the game from the final five, this could be a massive stroke of help in getting there … at least some long as it isn’t him who leaves.

Now, we turn the vote over to you. Do you think that Cochran has this in the bag if he makes it to the final three? Has Dawn angered too many jurors that even Eddie would win over her? We want to hear from you! Also, take a look at some of what we’re talking about right now when it comes to next season of “Survivor.”

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