‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6 spoilers: Kurt Sutter teases another casting

Sons of AnarchyWere you excited about the recently-announced addition to “Sons of Anarchy” season 6? Well, here’s some more good news: Kim Dickens is not going to be the only guest star gearing up for some major motorcycle-related action this season. We can’t tell you who the next guest star is going to be just yet (frustrating as it may be), but executive producer Kurt Sutter has a few hints for you.

In the latest “WTFSutter” video (which is longer than usual, and you can check it out in its entirely below courtesy of his YouTube channel), Sutter, who is clearly pretty kind to do this despite having some pretty extensive dental work done earlier in the day, teased that this person could be announced Monday in the media (more explanation on why he’s not doing it himself here), and that it is a man accustomed to being behind the camera. This should be worth starting to pace around with excitement given that he and this show have constantly thought outside of the box when it comes to the people that they bring on. (We’re still cheering over Joel McHale.)

Maybe it was the dental surgery drugs talking, but Sutter was also cool enough to give a pretty cool conceptualization of what season 6 is really all about for Charlie Hunnam’s Jax:

“[This season is a] culmination of a mythology arc that we all saw coming that got put into play last season, and now we’re really seeing the ramifications of Jax at the head of that table. We saw the pressure and the adjustment that he made in season 5, and season 6 we see him in it. He’s neck deep in those choices and how it impacts relationships and where it all goes. It’s fun … Season 5 was the newness with Jax being at the head of the table, and season 6 he’s the guy.”

As great as it is to hear all of this, the reality is that you’re still going to be waiting so long for new episodes that you could take several motorcycle road trips across the country and still have months to wait. It’s understandable to be chomping at the bit for what comes next, though, and we’ll be here for every step, SAMCRO meetup, or life-threatening situation involving the characters.

Oh, and there’s also some breaking news about a former “Sons of Anarchy” star heading over to “Dexter.”

Photo: FX

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