The Morning Show season 3 spoilers: A big new Mia story?

The Morning Show season 3

Just in case you were not already excited about The Morning Show season 3 already, here is another reason to be! Based on some of the info that we have, there is more and more evidence that an awesome story for Mia is right around the corner.

If you head over to the link here, you can see actress Karen Pittman do her best to set the stage for the story arc to come, noting that there is a side of the character you are going to see coming up that is very much different from anything that we’ve seen so far. What more could we really want here? That’s the question we are currently left to wonder over as Mia has gone through some really tough stuff through the first two seasons of the show.

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As we have noted in some prior articles already about The Morning Show season 3, one of the most exciting things coming up is going to be the simple opportunity to see a lot of these characters evolve and within that, get away from everything with Mitch over the first two. Given that season 2 ended with the onset of the global health crisis of 2020, we tend to think that there will be a big time jump at the start of season 3 and we are going to get away from a lot of what happened around that time.

One of the biggest challenges that Mia, Alex, Bradley, and everyone else at UBA will face moving forward is actually rather simple: A question of relevance. Given the rise of streaming (and ironically, The Morning Show exists on a streaming service), just how much are people out there super-interested in watching a broadcast morning news show? That question has been there through the first two seasons but at this point, we tend to think that it looms perhaps larger than ever before.

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What are you most wanting to see for Mia across The Morning Show season 3 on Apple TV+?

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